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Jowar Bhakri/Soregram Indian flat bread

“Bhakri and Pithala” wow! Authentic Mahrashtrian food. with a piece of onion and some “techa” on side. But the question here is “How to make bhakari?” I am sure many of us does not know it though they love to eat. Till recently my mother didn’t know how to make this “Bhakri”. So, we (Me and my Dad specially) used to wait for my grandmother to make them. I remember a funny incidence about bhakri. Generally, Bhakri is staple food of farmers. So, my dear brother(my cousin who is elder to me) always used to nag “Granny, why are you making this bhakaris?? Only poor people eat this.” Somehow he had the feeling that farmers are poor and only they eat bhakri. But now when I say I made bhakri, he always want to get his share through phone or internet. Poor he! ( I know he is going to kill me for telling this to everybody)

Bhakari is actually a very generalized term used for a Indian flat bread made up of any(cereals) coarse flour. For me making bhakari is a bit time consuming as compared to making a chapati or fulka. But it has got its own taste. I must say unique taste. Bhakaris can be prepared with jowar/sorghum, bajra/millet, nachni/ragi/finger millet and even with rice flour. I am posting the recipe for jowar bhakari.

Sorghum/jowar makes a healthy diet since it is gluten-free diet. It is good in treatment of celiac disease and wheat allergies. It keeps bones and teeth healthy giving energy to the body. It also maintains the health of heart, controls diabetes,arthritis and weight of the body. Its also good source of calcium,potassium and few vitamin B complex. I will post the recipe of pithala very soon to accompany this mouth watering bhakri.

Believe me,a bit difficult to make jowar bhakri is worth your efforts. Dont get disheartened if you dont get it right for the first time. Even I screwed it  up horribly first time. 😦 Lack of gluten makes it difficult to roll it. It often breaks into pieces.  1st time when i made bhakri I roasted ateast 5 pieces for each bhakri. By the time I put it on the hot pan they were into pieces. Poor hubby dear, had those bite sized shapeless bhakri without complain. So here it goes.


1 1/4 cup jowar flour

1 1/2 cup water.

Salt to taste.


  1. Boil the water till it starts bubbling. Now add Salt to it.
  2. When the water is bubbling simmer the heat. and now add the jowar flour to it slowly and at the same time mix it with a spatula.
  3. Once u have added all the flour to the water and mixed properly switch off the gas.
  4. Knead it into a soft dough once the temperature decreases enough.
  5. If you feel the dough is still dry add a little water to it and knead it.
  6. Heat the pan.
  7. Now make one lime size ball of the dough and ensure than there are no cracks on it before you start rolling it.
  8. With the help of a rolling pin roll the small ball into a roti. Use jowar flour for dusting while you roll it.
  9. Once you roll it into a flat round bread. Put that bhakri on the heated pan. Immediately apply water on the other side(the side which is on top). This will help the bhakari to remain soft. Otherwise it may break.
  10. Once the water on the top dries up turn the side of bhakri. Let the other side of bhakari cook properly.
  11. Once its done remove the pan and put the 1st side of bhakari on the gas flame directly as shown.(I dont have gas. So I have used the Mesh for this purpose.)
  12. It will puff up like this:
  13. Apply some ghee on it and serve with jhunka,pithala or techa or any spicy vegetables.

Sorghum on FoodistaSorghum


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