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Homemade/Desi Ghee or Indian Clarified Butter

Desi Ghee( Tup in Marathi) is always an essential part of Indian cooking. Most of the India food preparations are incomplete without a touch of ghee. Being a kid I have always loved eating  Tup-meeth-bhat(ghee-Rice and a pinch of salt)  before going to school in the morning. or a bowl of plain tuvar/arhar dal and ghee as soup. Rotis/Indian flat bread loves the touch of ghee or say most of the people love the touch of ghee to roti. Any sweet preparations like Sooji ka halwa/gajar halwa/ Gulab jamun again needs ghee. Give a ghee tadka/tempering to a curry or a dal and it will be amazing. I and my sister had a problem of  “Tonsillitis”. So even a bit of DALDA  consumption use to spoil atleast 4 nights sleeps of my mother and me :(. So my mother always ensured that we always have pure homemade ghee. Somehow I got so used to the taste that I do not like store bought ghee at all. I get some kind of weird smell and then I don’t feel like eating it at all.

Originally, ghee is made with storing cream over milk for a period of time and then making a butter out of it and then heat it to ghee. Long procedure!! phew!!!!!!! but worth!

While coming to USA my mom gave me a bottle of homemade ghee. But soon it was over. Now I had to follow the whole long process to get a ghee. And there came the entry of my friend Madhura who was in US and had already found the way to get homemade without that big hassle. She told me that we can make ghee from unsalted butter and believe me it tastes exactly like homemade ghee made from scratch. Wanna know how???? Follow the below process.


1 lb Unsalted Butter


  • Take a heavy pan and put the slab of butter in it. Heat it on medium heat.
  • Butter will first melt into a while liquid. Heat it till it clears out and you get a golden yellow color as shown in the picture below.
  • Let it cool but do not let it solidify. Put a sieve over a cleaned glass bottle and sieve ghee through it and store it. It stays good for long time.

Note: You will see residues at the bottom of the pan. Add sugar to it and scrap it out. We used to call it as “Tupachi berry”. Tastes good. But only if you like. 🙂 Many people does not like it.


One response

  1. Rucha

    I tried it came out perfectly.Thanks to you..was confused little bit that till what time i need to let it boil as it already started giving its proper ghee fragrance.Then i suddenly realized that you would have posted ghee recepie here.And it helped me.
    Thanks Again

    May 24, 2011 at 3:48 pm

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